German machines to clean Metro stations

Waste to be converted into manure

As part of station management measures and to ensure cleanliness, Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) will be introducing latest cleaning machineries from Germany.

These machines will be used for the cleaning and maintenance of Metro rail stations, which have different types of floors, passenger amenities, glass windows, rooms, etc.

Apart from the cleaning machinery, composting machines will be used to convert station waste into usable manure.

Special dustbins, marked with degradable and non-degradable stickers, will be placed on each level of the stations to segregate waste.

The waste will be moved to a location where a composting machine will process and convert it into manure.

This will then be used in station gardens as a natural fertilizer.

The CMRL has also introduced a special mobile application to monitor the process, according to a release.

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