Inspection at Sterlite to begin today

As the National Green Tribunal-appointed committee is likely to begin its inspection of Sterlite Copper premises from Saturday, evacuation of the chemicals stored on the factory premises will resume under its supervision, Collector Sandeep Nanduri said.

Speaking to reporters here on Friday evening, Mr. Sandeep said around 90% of chemicals including sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid, petro products etc. were evacuated from the premises ever since the exercise began on July 2. A huge quantity of copper concentrate (90,000 tonne), rock phosphate (5,000 tonne) and gypsum (4 lakh tonne), need to be removed.

The evacuation process, which was stopped some time ago following the NGT’s order, had to be resumed under the supervision of the committee appointed by the Tribunal.

“We’ve to maintain 10% moisture in the copper concentrate consisting of 30% copper, which would get ignited in atmospheric heat if the moisture content comes down. Hence, the member secretary of Pollution Control Board has instructed us to give permission to Sterlite Copper administration to evacuate the copper concentrate under the supervision of NGT-appointed committee,” Mr. Sandeep said..


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